kIRk -- Zła krew (Evil Blood) [InnerGuN /Oficyna Biedota 2013]

A man rots from the head first. Miasma remains trapped in ears and annihilates clear hearing.
The sound is needed that will break through the barriers.
Self-knowledge is needed to catch this sound.

Improvisation is the only way to move downwards, to descend lower where the tones gain a physical dimension.
"Zła krew" ("Evil Blood") is an expedition.
"Zła krew" ("Evil Blood") is the second album of the kIRk band.

A shattered structure, derived from improvisation, where the 20th century music heritage reverberates.
The echo of the present manifests in the electronic tones, the vinyl hum and the sound of a trumpet.

To be released on CD & c-52 on 01.II.2013. Pre order here

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